Our Strategic Focus

  1. Our Strategic Focus: The Domanada FoundationFaith Focused
    With rare exception, we provide financial support to organizations that serve the cause of Jesus Christ. Based on our experience and background, we feel particularly called to help ministries that have a primary focus on theological education, leadership development and issues of justice and compassion.
  2. Geographic Focus
    We work exclusively in the Chicago area and the former communist nations of Central and Eastern Europe (excluding the former Soviet Union). In part, the reason for this narrow focus is our call to spend time with the ministries we support. The Domanada Foundation is located in the western suburbs of Chicago and we travel regularly to Central and Eastern Europe.
  3. Institutional Focus
    The Domanada Foundation works primarily with new, emerging, or moderate sized organizations. Most Domanada Foundation grants grow out of an established relational context. In particular, the Domanada Foundation prefers to make grants when an organization is just getting off the ground or when it is significantly expanding the scope of its ministry. We do not make grants providing institutional support for larger mission agencies or parachurch organizations, nor do we provide support for individuals or families.