About Us

About Us: The Domanada FoundationThe Domanada Foundation began in 1989 as a private foundation devoted to leveraging its human and financial resources to advance the cause of Jesus Christ. The Domanada Foundation seeks to help identify and obtain the educational, human and financial resources necessary to support an organization in accomplishing its mission.

A stated goal of the Domanada Foundation is to “demystify” our process of grant making. Often it seems that grant applicants feel they have to cautiously probe about, stealthily discerning the exact words and actions required before a foundation agrees to release the desired funds. The Domanada Foundation would like the process of grant making to be open, honest, and transparent on all sides. This process is almost always face to face conversation rather than impersonal written communication.

“The proper aim of giving is to put the recipients in a state where they no longer need our gifts,” wrote C.S. Lewis. With that goal, our desire is that our grants assist partner organizations as they strengthen their financial base so as to sustain the ongoing work of the ministry. For a new organization, this means helping build a broad donor base, ideally involving several categories of donors. With established organizations, this means helping expand and deepen their donor base so they can launch into new areas of service.

The normal method of grant making in each of these cases is a matching grant. The primary purpose of the matching grant is not to fund a specific project or program, but rather to stimulate new giving to the organization. In essence, the matching grant is best used as a fundraising tool to encourage new donors to become involved or to inspire existing donors to give more sacrificially.